New Jersey Italian operates as a direct subdivision of Umbrizzio International. New Jersey Italian, AKA NJ ITA, is Umbrizzio International's location specific subdivision which caters to the populations of the greater New Jersey area. Serving areas of Philadelphia, New York City, and areas which the people of New Jersey commonly frequent, NJ ITA is a localized community of Italians, Italian Americans, and Italian Aficionados. Those who are Italian Enthusiasts who are familiar with the Italian cultures of New Jersey and surrounding areas are welcomed to join the NJ ITA family. If you are looking for a zesty group of like-minded individuals and groups, New Jersey Italian may quench you thirst for Italy while you are in America. Whether you are hoping to learn or improve your Italian language skills, become more familiar with Italian culture, or you just want to spend time with Italians, Italian Americans, and Italian Enthusiasts, New Jersey Italian will help you connect with people who share your interests. You don't need to be born in Italy to appreciate the food, art, and culture of Italy, and it is never too late to connect with Italians, Italian Americans, and those who are passionate about Italy. Get ready for the most immersive Italian experience without leaving New Jersey. Buon viaggio!